Mitsubishi Motors Corporation

What happens if you do not replace the Driver-Belts?

  1. The engine seems to over heat.

  2. The battery could be discharged and the car would not start.

  3. The air is not sufficiently cool. Front windshield fogging will not clear even if you turn on the air filter.


What will happen if you do not use a Genuine-Filter?

  1. Engine has less power.

  2. Engine runs unevenly.

  3. Engine is hard to start or not able to be started.


What happens If you do not replace the Air-Filters?

  1. Higher Fuel Consumption.

  2. Less Engine Power.

  3. Engine Less Smooth Than Usual.


What happens If you do not replace the Brake-Pads?

  1. Squealing Noise When Applying The Brakes.

  2. Weaker Breaks when applying on the break-pads


Appropriate Maintenance Will Keep Your Car In The Best Condition.