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Mitsubishi Pickup L200 Sportero Defies Theft And Exceeds Expectations
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Monday, February 17, 2014

TransJordan Trading Company, Agents of Mitsubishi Motors in Jordan, announced that Mitsubishi Motors of Japan has unveiled the 2014 Mitsubishi Motors Pickup L200 Sportero along with its unmatched specifications that exceed expectations and incomparable in any car of its category.


The talk about this pick-up compares it with saloon cars in terms of comfort and fun to ride which increases the desire for driving. In terms of power, load area has increased to new dimensions like never before and the engine has been modified to be among the powerful engines with 2500cc capacity turbo diesel that generates 136 hp and operates efficiently in all weather conditions and on all paved and unpaved roads. The exterior design of the 2014 Mitsubishi Motors Pickup L200 Sportero, has taken into account some breathtaking aesthetics which included the sportive streamlined shape with sunroof and rear glass opening. All this has added to its external appearance new unprecedented dimensions while maintaining all insinuations strength, durability and stability. In terms of safety, the new Mitsubishi Motors Pickup L200 Sportero defies any attempts of theft in addition to specifications in safety that exceeded what is available in sedan and expensive cars; all this was for securing safety for the driver and passenger alike.


Mitsubishi Motors of Japan says that Mitsubishi Motors L200 Sportero with all the exterior and interior contents exceeds all expectations of the users through the unmatched specifications that only can be found in the sedan cars and in sports, business, luxury and SUV cars for driving on and off roads.