Mitsubishi Motors Corporation

Brake Pads & Shoes Function of the Brake Pads & Shoes:

Step on the brake, reduce speed, stop the vehicle, keep the vehicle stopped.


The Brake Pad is a part that is used to stop the vehicle while driving. The heat of friction generated during braking can reach temperature of 400 zc to 500 z C. therefore it is ideal to withstand even extreme use and to maintain the same action (Braking Effect) at all times. MITSUBISHI genuine brake is a guarantee of excellent performance and Quality. Mitsubishi Genuine brake pads &shoes are designed as integral parts of every Mitsubishi model and are optimized through road testing over tens thousands of kilometers. Continuing to use completely worn out brake pads will result in poor braking action. In addition ,continuing to use worn out brake pads could also cause brake disc/drum surface damaged.


Be sure to have your brake inspection regularly and replace the brake pads when necessary.